Well, when I said I love learning, it was not a joke! 

I really do! Here are some of the activities I do in my non-research time!



I am a certified sommelier from AIS and I co-own a niche winemaking company, Valdisole!

We follow strictly natural practices in both the vineyard and winemaking, producing artistic and purely artisan wines!

Our wines fall under the "heroic agriculture" category, meaning... a lot of back pain. 

Crazy as it seems, this project brought me to feature at the Marie Claire Korea and the Greek Televison!


I went back to classical ballet and I am deeply honoured to study with Etoile Joan Bosioc


Photo from Kalamos, Leukas, June 2023


I learnt to swim before learning to walk so this one won't come as a surprise, I'm a certified open seas skipper, even though I don't sail as much I would like to.


Cascate di Ghiaccio, Cogne, Italy

I am also a big fan of extreme sports... I hope my mother won't find out about this webpage...

Always planning the next big adventure!